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Picture His Word is the portfolio of Jeffrey Cates. Communicating ideas is a human tradition that extends back to our first utterances, our first drawings, our first attempts to answer the questions of “Who am I?,” and Why am I here?”  Art expresses ideas that are begun with words, but art is a different language.  Art can express ideas that require pause and the long looking allows the thought to unfold like a bloom towards the sun.  Story telling endures because it gives the listener, the audience an invitation to be in the story.

When I am working I am asking myself questions. What stories are worth retelling? What is the greatest story ever told? How can I share the story and do it justice? Who will view these pieces of visual narrative? Where are the viewers in their own life? What is their story? Who will they share their story with?

Captivated by a good flannel board narrative or a rich story of someone’s life on the razor’s edge or the seemingly tall tale  success of an inept man who ran away and then returned to his work, these stories are what inspire me to listen more.

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  1. edward rackley says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Pleasure meeting you yesterday and chatting. Also with your sister and hearing her recollections about my grandmother, Inez. The Laughons are most certainly a special group and I’d love to know more about them, their origins, etc.

    This is a very nice website and I like your work. Some of the shade/sun contrast pieces from Chicago are very striking. I studied art in college but moved on to other things. It’s still a big part of how I think and experience the world.

    Thanks again for the very thoughtful painting of my parent’s house; they were really touched and appreciative.

    I hope our paths cross again sometime soon.


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