One September Night- a mobile

After researching the intermingling of technology, and interactive art, I applied some of the new approaches and materials in this piece. It’s a continuation from the Jonah series, that is art attuned to the audience. In the case of this piece, the audience is my youngest daughter.

One September Night- a mobile. Inspiration sources: God for breathing the stars into space. My wife for giving birth to our child. Alexander Calder for his work in the field of mobiles.

Description: There are LED lights wired inside the elliptical lamp section that illuminate a screen perforated with the star map of a September night. The elliptical lamp shape was inspired by an inherited kneading bowl. The cut-outs are duplicated and arranged perpendicular to each other so that they can be viewed vertically and catch air movement horizontally. One nice surprise was that the wood veneer along the sides was semi-transparent. Once I realized this advantage, I chose to paint it with watercolor instead of the latex I had used on the top.

Materials: wood, latex paint, watercolor, paper, fishing line, wire, LED lights, glue
Dimensions: 8″x13.5″


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2 Responses to One September Night- a mobile

  1. Neal says:

    Very cool. I really like the LED’s.

  2. Angela says:

    Jeffrey, I love how the two toned shapes contrast with both the night sky and the lighter shades in the room– a brilliant design. The starry night you created with the LEDs is beautiful! What a wonderful expression of love!

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