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Penland 2016

In August of 2016, Gaylord Schanilec led a course on wood engraving, woodcut, and printing that was enriching to myself and to all who attended.  Here’s an example of the work from that course.  Here’s a link to Gaylord’s work.

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Jonah- Chapter 2

This series began months ago.  Two ideas culminated: one an ongoing study of and identification with Jonah of the Book of Jonah, two, seeing a fellow Sawtooth instructor display her work  that could be manipulated/interacted with by the viewer. As … Continue reading

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Penland- ceramics work

Some of the work completed at Penland, while taking the ceramics class with Israel Davis. The silhouette portrait is of an Old Salem interpreter making paste paper. The cups include: a Jonah inspired cup with handle (fired in a soda … Continue reading

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Jonah- nightlights

Using sheet metal, wire, ready-made led nightlights and well-placed glue; these nightlights are now keeping my girls company at night. The silhouettes are directly cut from the ‘characters’ in the #2 panel in the Jonah series (to be posted soon): … Continue reading

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This is a new series, but long in development. Perhaps 6 months ago I saw a colleague’s art work that was interactive. She actually invited the viewers to get involved. Then as I was studying the book of Jonah,  I … Continue reading

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