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Ho! Ho! Ho!

My neighbor requested this ‘waving Santa.’ It was fun to make. The jigsaw gave my arm quite the workout. Laying the plywood was an instructional process for me. I hope to continue that layering element in my future work. About … Continue reading

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One September Night- a mobile

After researching the intermingling of technology, and interactive art, I applied some of the new approaches and materials in this piece. It’s a continuation from the Jonah series, that is art attuned to the audience. In the case of this … Continue reading

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Dolphin Man- night light

So, my sweet niece came to visit and we all were out and about and as we passed by a large bronze statue of Fielding Lewis, the American patriot, she yells out, “Look, there’s Dolphin Man!” Her mother explains that … Continue reading

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Jonah- Chapter 2

This series began months ago.  Two ideas culminated: one an ongoing study of and identification with Jonah of the Book of Jonah, two, seeing a fellow Sawtooth instructor display her work  that could be manipulated/interacted with by the viewer. As … Continue reading

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Penland- ceramics work

Some of the work completed at Penland, while taking the ceramics class with Israel Davis. The silhouette portrait is of an Old Salem interpreter making paste paper. The cups include: a Jonah inspired cup with handle (fired in a soda … Continue reading

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Jonah- nightlights

Using sheet metal, wire, ready-made led nightlights and well-placed glue; these nightlights are now keeping my girls company at night. The silhouettes are directly cut from the ‘characters’ in the #2 panel in the Jonah series (to be posted soon): … Continue reading

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Sculpture- more like Calder

Several pieces of sheet metal and wire sculpture, that were inspired by Calder. One, a house number sign that lights up at night (LEDs). Two, a coffee pot inspired by the Winston-Salem icon the Mickey Pot. Mine is about a … Continue reading

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Wire, sheet metal and ‘hobo art’

A friend in my recent travels, used this phrase to describe his work. He used it in conjunction with work that isn’t always perfect, but gets the job done.  When I work in metal sculpture, it fits this description. Perhaps, … Continue reading

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