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Reynolda Gardens Meadow- Community Day

September 25th, 2016 was the official unveiling of a series of educational signs that I designed for the Reynolda Gardens Meadow.  The four signs are featured below:  introduction, birds, plants, and pollinators.  Go see them on display in the meadow!  … Continue reading

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Penland 2016

In August of 2016, Gaylord Schanilec led a course on wood engraving, woodcut, and printing that was enriching to myself and to all who attended.  Here’s an example of the work from that course.  Here’s a link to Gaylord’s work.

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Greenhill Gallery Open Review

Recent work, simply described as:  botanical, observational, and biographical.  There are 13 images that were created together and are connected by more than their proximity of creation date.  There’s a narrative based on the following passage: The grass withers, the … Continue reading

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Chicago Landscapes

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Living in Chicago is inspirational.  During our family’s time there, I was thankful to be able to enjoy the public parks.  It’s a great place for ‘plein air’, open air, painting.  Working from observation opened a creative door for me. … Continue reading

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Beach Scenes in watercolor

The summer of 2o14, I was able to go to the beach two times. On the first trip, I was afforded the opportunity to stay in a friend’s home that was on the sound side.  There at the doorstep was … Continue reading

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Entomology- Apis Mellifera, HoneyBee, Drone

References: Beekeeping basics, PennState Extension, 2007 First Lesson in Beekeeping, Dadant & Sons Inc., 1980 Insectopedia, Hugh Raffles, 2010 In the social order of honeybee hives, drones are the males.  They are in the minority, only a few hundred drones … Continue reading

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Opportunity: Sawooth Class, ‘Botanical Illustration’

Sawtooth Class: Botanical Illustration Saturday workshop: May 17, 10am-1pm Sign up through the Sawtooth website.

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Botanical Illustration- Blooms and Bzzzzzz.

Reference Materials (1) USDA (2) Xerces Society– Pollinator Conservation (3) FAO-United NationsApisUK (4) Knowledge Scotland (5) My little garden blog (6) Xerces Society- Pollinators are Garden Essentials (7) Linné Online (8) Insects and Flowers, The Art of Maria Sibylla Merian. … Continue reading

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Botanical Illustration- Bees and Blooms

Upcoming Talk to be held at the Reynolda Gardens, Winston-Salem NC. April 29th, at 6:30pm. In this community talk, I begin with sharing some of the selective history of botanical illustration with a focus on the pollinators. From there the … Continue reading

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3 Artists

Winslow Homer, 1. Where was Winslow Homer born? (New England) 2. What art school did Homer graduate from? (none, he was self-educated, yet his mother deserves credit. She was a painter and shared her love of the craft with him.) … Continue reading

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